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<p class="leader">After 50 years of supporting and promoting young disabled sportspeople across New Zealand, the Halberg Disability Sport Foundation re-evaluated its brand, strategy and operational structure over 2011/2012. </p> <p><strong>The result?</strong> A renewed online presence with three new websites for each of the Foundation’s core areas of work, all undertaken by NV Interactive in one of our most rewarding projects of the year.</p> <h3>Teaming up with the Halberg Foundation</h3> <p>Our on-going partnership with the Halberg Disability Sport Foundation (previously known as the Halberg Trust) has resulted in NV Interactive creating a suite of three websites that engage and connect with users: </p> <div data-colgroup="true"> <div data-colspan="4"> <a href="" target="blank"><img src="/design.resources/img/case-studies/allsports/collection1.jpg" class="screenshot" /></a> </div> <div data-colspan="4"> <a href="" target="blank"><img src="/design.resources/img/case-studies/allsports/collection2.jpg" class="screenshot" /></a> </div> <div data-colspan="4"> <a href="" target="blank"><img src="/design.resources/img/case-studies/allsports/collection3.jpg" class="screenshot" /></a> </div> </div> <p>Each of the websites meet a specific purpose; promoting the Westpac Halberg Sports Awards, raising awareness of AllSports and connecting young people with the most appropriate sports club and grants, and ensuring the Halberg Foundation’s website is the glue for the different branches of the organisation. </p> <p><strong>NV’s work involved</strong> a particular focus on AllSports, the Halberg grassroots organisation that enhances the lives of physically disabled young people by enabling them to participate in sport by connecting them with local sports clubs. </p>

The Project Office )

<p class="leader">The Project Office are a boutique project management company based in Christchurch who focus on construction and infrastructure projects. Their brief to us to was to showcase the scale of their projects, but also to present their team and approach to business.</p> <p>We created a new digital identity for the company that they have since rolled into their other marketing collateral. Online, we commissioned strong, architectural photography to showcase The Project Office's work and used a simple, structured layout to lead visitors through the content. </p>

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<p class="leader">Instead of a formal brief, the Lone Star restaurant chain came to us with a fistful of dining vouchers. "Go experience our restaurants and then come back with your ideas," they said.</p>

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<p class="leader">QuakeStories is a collaboration between NV Interactive and the Ministry of Culture & Heritage, capturing the human stories of the devastating earthquakes that hit Christchurch, New Zealand in 2010 and 2011. </p> <p>The earthquakes that struck Canterbury in 2010 and 2011 are among the most significant events in New Zealand history and certainly in our lifetimes. QuakeStories is a place where you can tell your stories about the earthquakes of September 2010 and February 2011 and their aftershocks. Whatever your age, whether you’re an individual, part of a community, a business or an organisation, you have stories to tell. </p>

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<p class="leader">Baker Boys is borne from a family business, so behind the aprons you'll find a caring team of folk who put their heart and soul into crafting delicious, beautifully baked goods. Their new site needed to present the high quality and family owned feel to the local market but also show how the company's refined processes give them the capacity to tackle a wider international market. </p><p> We created a lusciously image-rich site that displays the craft and volume of the business visually and is backed up by detailed information about their products, facilities and philosophies.</p>

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<p class="leader">Following the devastating earthquakes, the Christchurch City Council needed to rebuild their broken city. And they only had two months to undertake a complex public consultation that under normal circumstances would take years. </p> <p>We turned the process on its head and created an approachable, engaging online crowd sourcing tool that delivered outstanding results. This breakthrough digital campaign has achieved global recognition for its ingenuity and effectiveness. </p>

New Zealand Sugar )

<p class="leader">Engagement, it's the new metric. And it's what digital does better than anyone. Chelsea Sugar Marketing Manager Monique Farrell says that when the company engaged NV Interactive, it didn't know much about the digital marketing space but knew that it would be key to increasing customer engagement.</p>

David Reid Homes )

<p class="leader">David Reid Homes is an iconic New Zealand brand with a proud history. It is one of the largest building groups in New Zealand and has achieved numerous accolades for the quality of its workmanship, including winning more Registered Master Builder gold awards in recent years than any other national building group. </p><p> The quality and application that goes into building their homes needed to be reflected in the delivery of their website. David Reid Homes pride themselves on five key pillars: Design, Construction, Project Management, Commitment and Sustainability. These key elements were used throughout our design process to make sure we were hitting the same marks and goals in their website as David Reid Homes does in their business.</p>

EcoCrystal )

<p class="leader">EcoCrystal is new range of products made from recycled glass. Every day, the EcoSort facility in Sockburn receives over 200 tonnes of recycling for separation. This comes from a number of sources including the yellow bin kerbside collection, EcoDrops and commercial deliveries. This glass is extracted as part of the EcoSort separation process and used to produce the range of EcoCrystal products. </p> <p>The key role in the website was showing the wide range of uses that this product has and enabling uses to access more detail about its use and create pathways to additional content or to be able to purchase the product.</p>

Vbase )

<p class="leader">Based in Christchurch, Vbase is the custodian of four of New Zealand’s premier convention, entertainment and sporting venues – CBS Canterbury Arena, AMI Stadium, Christchurch Convention Centre and Christchurch Town Hall for the Performing Arts. Following the events of 2011 and the subsequent impact on their business, Vbase is now 100% solely governed and managed by Christchurch City Council. </p><p>The primary purpose of Vbase is to manage and develop Christchurch's premier venues and to secure and host events in these venues. We were asked to design a site which reflected and maintained Vbases’ established identity in the marketplace but also provided a platform for them to continue to inform the market of on-going developments to their business in the coming months and years.</p>